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‘The Germans’: Episode 9: ‘Rosa Luxemburg and Freedom’

Episode 9 of the second series of ‘Die Deutschen’ (‘The Germans’), entitled ‘Rosa Luxemburg und die Freiheit’ (‘Rosa Luxemburg and Freedom’). Aired on German channel ZDF on 11 Dec 2010. This 40 minute documentary uses a mixture of historic footage, … Continue reading

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Annelies Laschitza on ‘The Life, Letters & Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg’ A video, courtesy of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, of Annelies Laschitza talking about the release of ‘The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg’ , of which she was co-editor. Laschitza is the leading German scholar on Rosa Luxemburg. She is the … Continue reading

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On This Day: 14 February 1911 (Valentine’s Day)

 Rosa Luxemburg and her lover Kostja Zetkin “Niunius, It hurts me that I have brought you trouble, forgive me. It’s all better again with me, my suffering was probably all my own imagination, and I feel again as I used to. I was … Continue reading

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Luxemburg- Liebknecht Demo 2012: What’s it all about?

  The gravestones of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg in Berlin’s Friedrichsfelde Cemetry (their original graves were desecrated by the Nazis) On 15 January this year, as every year since 1920 (except during the Nazi era), thousands of men and … Continue reading

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On This Day: 4- 7 February 1917

“… I absolutely do not become disheartened. Dearest, history itself always knows best what to do about things, even when the situation looks desperate. I speak this word not as some comfortable fatalism! Quite the opposite! The human must be … Continue reading

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Welcome to Rosaluxemburgblog.

Welcome to Rosaluxemburgblog, This a new blog devoted to debate, publications and scholarship on the Polish-German Marxist Rosa Luxemburg (1870- 1919). The aim is to bring publicise and share articles, reviews and resources relating to Luxemburg’s life, ideas and legacy. … Continue reading

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