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Documentary: ‘Räterepublik 1918/19’

A German television documentary on Germany’s 1918- 19 Revolution, when parts of the country were under the control of the ‘räte’, or councils. The programme explores the events from November 1918 to January 1919, culminating in the murders of Rosa … Continue reading

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‘Ich war, ich bin, ich werde sein!’; Hector ‘Sabu’ Monsegor, Lulzsec Hacker, quotes Rosa Luxemburg’s last words

Super hacker turned Supergrass: Hector ‘Sabu’ Monsegor, now in FBI custody. According to various sources, including the Guardian ( and Financial Times (, the Lulzsec hacker Hector ‘Sabu’ Monsegor, quoted Rosa Luxemburg in his last tweet before his arrest by … Continue reading

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On her 141st Birthday, we should remember Rosa Luxemburg for her life, and not just for her death.

Rosa Luxemburg was born on 5 March 1871 in Zamość, a small town in the Lublin region of Russian Poland. During her life, she lived in Warsaw, Zurich, Paris and Berlin, and traveled widely across Europe (England, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Finland … Continue reading

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On This Day: 2 March 1899

 Leo Jogiches (c. 1890s) and Rosa Luxemburg (1899) “My precious Gold! These days your dear letters are a great source of strength for me, because I don’t feel well at all well. I’ve been sleeping whole days and am incapable … Continue reading

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