Are you researching Rosa Luxemburg?

If so, why not get in touch with rosaluxemburgblog? We’re keen to build an international community of Luxemburg researchers (at whatever level), so go on: send us a message or your contact details! (or simply leave a comment under this post…)


About rosaluxemburgblog

I was awarded a PhD in History by Swansea University for a thesis on Rosa Luxemburg (2016). I am currently co-editing the fourth volume of 'The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg' and am a member of the Advisory Board of the International Rosa Luxemburg Society.
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3 Responses to Are you researching Rosa Luxemburg?

  1. klasykampf says:

    Hi! Our journal board is preparing the issue on Luxemburg\’s legacy (in Polish but we warmly welcome contributions in English) – (we have a nice bunch of Polish papers on the topic collected at the moment) – We have also an ongoing project of re-publication of her anonymous articles (project is based on the bibliography of her anonymous articles prepared by Kaczanowska and Tych in the 1960s) that appeared in socialist and communist press in Polish (like „Czerwony Sztandar” or „Z pola walki” and many others) and were never included in Collected Works etc. – So we are very open for any kind of collaboration on the topic.

    • Hi, this looks very interesting. Do you have an e-mail address I could contact you on to discuss possible contributions?

      The anonymous articles project is fantastic, are you only publishing them in Polish or in other languages?

      Thanks very much for getting in touch.

      • klasykampf says:

        Hi! the contact email is: praktyka.teoretyczna [a] – we would love to get into more regular contact as we appreciate your work done here on this blog. As most of those anonymous articles were published originally in Polish all the work we are doing is based on digitalizing them and bringing back to the academic and activist memories. Till now we were not able to rise any funding (communist heritage is still quite a controversy in Poland – even Polish branch of RLS refused to support our efforts…) for any translation project in other languages – but I hope Verso is working also on that material in their project of Complete Works.

        Best regards and hope that you will write us soon!

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