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Videos from the International Conference on Rosa Luxemburg

Videos of all papers given at the International Conference on Rosa Luxemburg (Sorbonne, Paris, 4-5 Oct 2013) are now available, as well as videos of questions and discussions around the papers: Advertisements

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Article exploring life of Rosa Luxemburg’s biographer Elżbieta Ettinger (1925- 2005)

(Elżbieta Ettinger, 1989, courtesy of Maia Ettinger, A fascinating article has recently been published about the scholar and writer Elżbieta Ettinger (1925- 2005). Ettinger was the editor and translator of Comrade and Lover: Rosa Luxemburg’s Letters to Leo Jogiches (1979) and author … Continue reading

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Norman Geras on Rosa Luxemburg’s Jewish Identity

In his 1998 work, ‘The Contract of Mutual Indifference; Political Philosophy After the Holocaust’, the late Norman Geras wrote: “A Jewish socialist ought to be able to find some special corner of his or her heart for the tragedy of … Continue reading

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Event: Rosa Luxemburg Book Talk at ‘Historical Materialism’ Conference (NY), 27 April 2013

* NB. Apologies for the belated news, but thanks for drawing this talk to our attention! If anyone was at the talk and has any thoughts to share, please do… * On Saturday 27 April, a book talk on ‘Rosa … Continue reading

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A tribute to Norman Geras (1943- 2013)

  (‘The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg’ (1976) and the author, Norman Geras) The respected writer, thinker and groundbreaking blogger, Professor Norman Geras has died in Cambridge. Geras contributed greatly to the study of Rosa Luxemburg in the UK and internationally, … Continue reading

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On This Day: 15 Oct 1903: Rosa Luxemburg to Julius Bruhns on his release from Prison

  Comrades: Rosa Luxemburg and Julius Bruhns (Photos: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung and IISG, Amsterdam) On 15 October 1903, Rosa Luxemburg wrote to her SPD comrade Julius Bruhns (1860- 1927), following his release after a two-month prison sentence: “Dear friend! At last, detailed … Continue reading

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On This Day: 14 Oct 1905: Rosa Luxemburg on the Execution of Marcin Kasprzak

  (Above: Marcin Kasprzak (1860- 1905) and the statue of him in Poland) On 8 September 1905, during the Russian ‘1905 Revolution’, a Polish socialist leader by the name of Marcin Kasprzak was executed in the Warsaw Citadel by the … Continue reading

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