On This Day: 15 Oct 1903: Rosa Luxemburg to Julius Bruhns on his release from Prison

1907 - rosa luxemburg- rls julius bruhns- IISG

Comrades: Rosa Luxemburg and Julius Bruhns (Photos: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung and IISG, Amsterdam)

On 15 October 1903, Rosa Luxemburg wrote to her SPD comrade Julius Bruhns (1860- 1927), following his release after a two-month prison sentence:

“Dear friend!

At last, detailed news about you has been received. It makes me very happy to hear from your letter that you came through your time in the cooler so well and that you are setting out with renewed vigor to “clear the forest”! I am convinced that after a little while even this tough and challenging work will give you inner satisfaction…”

From 1903, Bruhns worked in Upper Silesia, part of Poland which had been annexed into the German Empire at the end of the eighteenth century. Rosa visited Upper Silesia often on speaking tours, during election campaigns and to organise socialist agitation amongst the Polish workers there.

A Reichstag Deputy from 1890 until 1893, Bruhns was editor of the socialist Offenbacher Abendblattes [Offenbach Evening Paper] and a City Council from 1910 until his death in 1927.

(Source: Adler, Hudis & Laschitza (eds.), The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg (London & New York: Veros, 2011), p. 162- 164)



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