‘The World Holiday of the Proletariat’; Rosa Luxemburg on May Day


Rosa Luxemburg addresses a crowd in Stuttgart, during the Congress of the Socialist International, 1907. Seated on the left is Clara Zetkin and to the right is Dutch workers leader Troelstra. On the placards are the portraits of Ferdinand Lassalle and Karl Marx.

Rosa Luxemburg, like many socialists of her era, saw 1 May as a uniquely important international holiday. It symbolised the solidarity and potential power of the working classes of all countries.

Rosa Luxemburg as a student in her early 20s (early 1890s)

Below are two of her articles on the subject. The first was written in Paris, by a 23 year old student in exile. Rosa wrote the article in Polish for publication in ‘Sprawa Robotnicza’ [Worker’s Cause], the newspaper of the party founded by her and Leo Jogiches the year before: The Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland (SDKP). It was printed in 1894 and…

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I was awarded a PhD in History by Swansea University for a thesis on Rosa Luxemburg (2016). I am currently co-editing the fourth volume of 'The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg' and am a member of the Advisory Board of the International Rosa Luxemburg Society.
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