– International Rosa Luxemburg Society

The International Rosa Luxemburg Society (Internationale Rosa Luxemburg Gesellschaft) was established in 1980 in Zurich by Professor Emeritus Narihiko Ito (Chuo University, Tokyo).

The Society is not a rigid organisation, but rather an informal association of international scholars and activists, without a formal constitution or membership fee. The Society is a network for research on Rosa Luxemburg and has held meetings every two to four years for the last 35 years.

The Chairman of the Society is Professor Emeritus Narihiko Ito (Chuo University, Tokyo) (ito-lux248@nifty.com)

The Secretary is Ottokar Luban (Historian, Berlin) (oluban@gmx.de)

The Society’s website (with pages in German, English, Spanish and French) can be accessed here: http://www.internationale-rosa-luxemburg-gesellschaft.de

Guangzhou-09 (Medium)

Above: Guangzhou, China (2004)

From right to left: Prof. Hu Wenjian (Beijing), Prof. Hu Zehong (Educational University of South China, Guangzhou), Prof. Narihiko Ito (Tokyo), Prof. Jiang Huisheng, (Agricultural University of South China, Guangzhou), Prof. Wang Xuedong (Beijing), Ottokar Luban (Berlin)

A (select) list of meetings of the Society:

Zurich (1980)

Paris (1983)

West Berlin (1989)

Beijing (1994)

Tampere (1998)

Zurich (2000)

Bochum (2002)

Guangzhou, China (2004)

Tokyo (2007)

Berlin (2009)

Moscow (2011)

Paris (2013)

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